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Art Show Prospectus


announces the cancellation of this year's 2015 Peach Blossom Art Show.

Due to various reasons and circumstances we regret having to cancel the

Peach Blossom Art Show in April.

We appreciate all who have participated in the past and hope to maybe revisit the possibility of presenting this show in the future.


Thank you again for your participation.





The prospectus below is for your information only.


The 34th Annual Peach Blossom Show is over




April 10th-13th, 2014
Palisade Veteran's Memorial Building
120 West 8th Street
Palisade, Colorado 81526

Our Special Category for 2014 is


"Kitchen Gadgets"


Anything pertaining to kitchen tools, gadgets and gizmos!


This 2014 PEACH BLOSSOM ART SHOW PROSPECTUS  is for information purposes only.

The postmark entry deadline is March 31, 2014. 

Early registration is encouraged.


Calendar of events:
Registration deadline: March 31st, 2014
Receiving art: Tues. April 8th   11 am- 2 pm
Private Artist/Purchase Patron Reception: **Friday April 11th 6-8 pm**
Public Viewing: April 10th - 13th
Thursday & Saturday 10-6 pm
Friday 10-5:30 pm
Sunday 10-4 pm
Art Pick-up: Sunday April 13th  4:30-6 pm

No early removal of artwork!!
There will be a $10 fee per painting per day for
art work that is not picked up by 6:00pm Sunday
The special categories this year are "Kitchen Gadgets” or "Fruit & Wine" subject can be anything pertaining to "Kitchen Gadgets" or "Fruit and Wine"
This should be fun, be creative! (NO photographs in these two categories)

Professional  (PRO)
Advanced  (ADV)
Amateur  (AMA)

PRO- artists who pursue their art seriously, exhibit often in shows, and who have won numerous awards

ADV - artists who exhibit in shows, are advancing their skills & who starting to win awards

AMA- artists who are just learning & starting to exhibit in shows & have not won any 1st place awards in AMA class


Professional Class

Advanced Class

Amateur Class

Photography Class   (judged separately from main show)

Fruit & Wine Industry

Special Category "Kitchen Gadgets"

Art is judged within and by each class not by medium or category.

Fees and Regulations:

Registration fees are $20 for one entry or $25 for two entries. One painting may also be entered in either  “Fruit & Wine” OR "Kitchen Gadgets” category for an additional $5.00. No photographs in the "Fruit & Wine" or "Kitchen Gadgets" special categories. 
Bargain Bin work will be pieces under $125, framed or unframed. You may enter up to 5 entries for a flat fee of $5. Attach a label to the backs of Bargain Bin work with name, title, phone number, and price on each piece. Price must be clearly marked on front of each piece with a sticker, tape, or a business card.  Any Bargain Bin work that is framed MUST have a wire on back to hang. Prints are accepted in Bargain Bin only.

There will be a 25% commission on all sales.

All work will be handled with utmost care, and submission of work will automatically waive any claim for damage, loss, or liability against  Palisade Art Lovers. Insurance is the artist’s individual responsibility.

Send your entry fees check payable to: (or pay on-line with PayPal)

         Palisade Art Lovers

         PO Box 295

         Palisade, CO 81526


Eligibility/Show Rules:
  • All work must be for sale.

  • Size limitation-The outside dimensions of each painting entered must not exceed 40" x 40" , including frame.

  • Presentation-All work must be framed, or on gallery board, ready to hang with wire (NO saw tooth hangers). Bargin Bin entries need not be framed.

  • ID labels MUST be attached to back of entry and include name, address, phone number, title and price. 

  • Original 2-dimensional or 3-D collage work that does not protrude past the front plane of the frame will be accepted.

  • No wet paintings.

  • No class, workshop, copied work, or prints allowed. (prints only allowed in Bargain Bin)

  • No glass work (stained glass, etc), wood work, pottery, or quilts.

  • Photography is judged separately from the main show and is not included for Best of Show
  • Work previously shown at a Palisade Art Lovers show may be entered in Bargain Bin only and for a price less than $125.

  • Early delivery and/or late pick up of art work MUST be pre-arranged. Work left after check out deadline without arrangements WILL be subject to a holding/handling fee of $10/painting per day.

This is a non-juried show. However; PALS reserves the right to refuse entries deemed inappropriate or nonconforming.

All art work is to be delivered to the Palisade Veteran's Memorial Building, 2nd floor, 120 West 8th St.

Palisade, CO (Tuesday April 8th, 11am-2pm)



$ 300 Overall Best of Show

$ 150 First Place Professional Class

$ 100 First Place Advanced Class

$ 100 First Place Amateur Class

$ 100 First Place Photography Class (judged separately from main show)

$ 100 First Place Fruit & Wine Industry

$ 100 First Place Special Category (Kitchen Gadgets)

PALS Special Award, plus membership

1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Honorable Mentions ribbons will be given in all classes.

Numerous gift certificates and special Merchant Awards will be donated by various local businesses .

Main Judge- George Callison
Award winning Realist painter, George Callison, is an Associate Member of the Oil Painters of America.  His perceptive landscape paintings are in collections throughout the world and have been juried into such prestigious shows as Oil Painters of America Summer Salon (Petoskey, MI), Maynard Dixon Country (Mt. Carmel, UT), Nomadas del Arte (Santa Fe), Salon International (San Antonio), Celebration of Western Art (San Francisco), National Oil and Acrylic Painters Exhibit (Fulton, MO), National Small Oil Painting Exhibition (Wichita), and many more.  George is an explorer who travels extensively and lives in Grand Junction. To check out George Callison Fine Art visit
Photography Judge-B.E. (Brad) Butler
I have performed photography most of my life. and have been a working pro since the mid 90's. I studied at the New York Institute of Photography and have taken numerous public classes. I now teach classes in Digital Photography at Western Community College for Colorado Mesa University, which strangely enough is where I took my first class.
Photography has been very rewarding and sometimes a challenge. It has given me the opportunity to see many different ideas in the art, and has helped me to improve and mold my own. I feel very fortunate to live where beauty is just steps out the back door.
To check our Brad Butler Photography visit
 For questions or more information, call Arden at 970-623-4360
 Fill out form below and print off for your records only. PLEASE enter online. Paper entries only on request.





City__________________________________________State_______ Zip__________________



Email address________________________________________


Artist  Class_______________ (PRO, ADV, AMA)

Entering Bargain Bin work?   Yes_____     No _______

Total entry fee amount sent  $ __________________

#1 Title___________________________________________

Price $ _________

Class________  Medium ____________________________

#2 Title___________________________________________

Price $___________

Class__________ Medium ____________________________


Special category title___________________________________________

Price $_________  Medium ________"FRUIT & WINE"  (NO photographs) 


Title ___________________________________________

Price  $ ________ Medium __________ " Kitchen Gadgets" (No photographs)


Bargain Bin Entries: 


Phone # ______________________________________

#1   Title______________________________________
       Price $__________  

#2   Title_______________________________________

       Price $__________

#3   Title________________________________________
       Price $__________

#4   Title________________________________________

       Price $__________

#5   Title_________________________________________

       Price $___________

Separate labels MUST be attached to the back of Bargain Bin work with name, phone number, title and price on each piece, and price MUST be clearly marked on front of each painting.





Fill out and attach to back of art work:
Print Clearly PLEASE!

#1)  Artist________________________________________

Phone #__________________________________________

Price  $__________ 

Medium______________ PRO____ AMA____ ADV_____


#2)  Artist________________________________________

Phone # _________________________________________

Price $___________

Medium_____________ PRO____ AMA____  ADV____


(Special Category)  Artist____________________________________________

Phone # ________________________________________


Price $_____________ Medium___________________________   (WINE/ FRUIT )


(Special Category)  Artist____________________________________________

Phone # ________________________________________


Price $_________  Medium__________________________ (KITCHEN GADGETS)


      We look forward to seeing you at our 34rd  Annual Peach Blossom Art Show!!!!!